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"We train because the race isn't about beating the person next to us... It's about challenging ourselves to be better and inspiring others.”

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The best way to get to know us is by coming out to our next event or join us for some training.

South Jersey Triathlon Club

The idea behind Live4Tri was to meet a clearly defined need in South Jersey....locate a tri club that didn't require a bridge toll and secondly to find a club that had more to offer than being just a testosterone fueled meet-up for Millennial's and twenty-something year olds!

As a newly minted South Jersey resident I searched all over to find a group of local like minded people who wanted to challenge & encourage each other to reach our swimming, cycling and running goals and have some fun. My choices where limited to crossing over the bridge into Philadelphia or battling shore traffic. Eventually I met several other triathletes in the area with the similar issues...together we decided to form Live4Tri, a True South Jersey Tri Club that could meet our needs.

Live4Tri is a USAT Registered Triathlon Club

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About Us

Live4Tri is a South Jersey Triathlon Club for men, women and their families to come together to develop and enhance their swimming, cycling & running abilities for triathlons. Its also a fun way to meet new people and make lasting friendships. In addition, we work together to support worthy causes.

People come to triathlons for many different reasons. Some come because they are looking to improve fitness levels or accomplish a personal challenge. Others are racing to draw awareness to a worthy cause, or perhaps in rememberance of a passed loved one. Or perhaps you're coming to triathlons simply to get away from the stress of life.

Whatever your reason, at Live4Tri we work together to fuel your motivation by drawing inspiration from direction, training & support. We encourage training and racing activities for all ages and abilities.

In addition to meeting your physical goals, we encourage and support community drives,through our philanthropic efforts.

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